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Progressive House Maestro K3SS Reveals Driving Single “Climb”



Producer/DJ K3SS has a knack for evoking emotion and transporting listeners to the dancefloor through his distinct progressive soundscapes. Following his recent releases “Deeper (feat. Britt Lari)” on Dim Mak and “Goodbye” with Dan Miles and XIMXIA, K3SS is set to continue his biggest year-to-date with a string of releases that demonstrate his compelling signature sound. Now we see K3SS unveil his new single “Climb” on Krafted Underground.

“I created this song to take the listener to the crossroads where dark and sexy feelings meet high energy on the dancefloor. “Climb” is not a love song by any means…it is a song about desire and an anthem to the game of cat and mouse between two people attracted to each other.” – K3SS

“Climb” is a transportive progressive house track that takes fans on a spellbinding listening experience. With a sultry, dark soundscape, “Climb” draws listeners in with futuristic synths and thumping kick drums that evoke the listener’s depth of emotion and desire. Creating a passionate nightclub atmosphere, “Climb” features an enthralling, robotic vocal sample and intoxicating melodic progressions that build up to a euphoric climax. The anthemic nature positions the track to be both an underground groover and a main stage staple while showcasing K3SS’ studio production prowess. “Climb” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.