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Pluko Releases ‘Class XIX’ Mixtape to Celebrate New Chapter



A memorable day for any individual, Pluko decides to celebrate high school graduation and his birthday with the mixtape ‘Class XIX’ via his self made label Splendid Society

Pluko should have been on your radar from his early releases like “Lorde Flumesworth” and “Breath”, and became verified with his 2018 debut studio album sixteen. Pluko might be one of the select producers who exclusively writes, produces, and masters his work, and can you believe he’s only 19? He’s now back with another 100% completely homegrown piece of work in ‘Class XIX.’

‘Class XIX’ starts off with a melodic chorus in “whodoyouthinkyouare ?” similar to that heard in the “Show Me” remix by Big Wild. A ukulele strums in the background leading up to trapped snares and bouncy synths, the song introduces you to Pluko’s latest work in a warm and comforting light, a goal of his to kick off this vibe filled summer.

“Hyperfunkk” is a standout track from the mixtape as Pluko combines a wailing guitar with hip-hop elements and incorporates the organic Pluko sound which has lead to his success thus far. It’s groovy and provides the perfect atmosphere for some fun-loving partying with a little bit of dirtier edge on his second drop. Following “hyperfunkk” is a dual-track concept of “splendid morning” and “splendid night,” a creative success showing you range from the young producer which follows the good energy theme.

Give ‘Class XIX’ a full listen (above) and embrace the wholly independent project of the promising young producer that is Pluko.

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