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Partying Inside the Fuselage of a Boeing 727-200



A new dancefloor in Brazil is taking flight in-between the repurposed wings of a decommissioned Boeing 727-200 plane. You won’t need to stow your tray table and keep and your seat in its upright position at JETSET, which is currently being developed in the coastal city of Camboriú in southern Brazil. The project is in full swing under the supervision of Surreal Park creator Renato Ranier.

The initiative started by securing the Boeing 727-200, which is currently being dismantled at the Afonso Pena International Airport in Curitiba. From there, the aircraft will undergo an ambitious refurbishment and “chroming process” before its installation in Surreal Park.

An experienced production team is also working on a special “highway authorization” plan to navigate the complex logistics of transporting the plane from Curitiba to Camboriú. With a length of 46.68 meters and a maximum speed of roughly 281 miles per hour, the aircraft used to carry up to 189 passengers.

The Dubai-based architecture firm 8B will ultimately execute the nightclub concept on the grounds of Surreal Park. The plane’s wings will offer an elevated observation point of the area and the club portion will feature a deck, runway, bar and bespoke lighting.

Believe it not, JETSET isn’t the only nightlife venue to soon open inside a Boeing airliner. Las Vegas’ AREA15 is currently expanding its campus to include a 118,000-square-foot hotel and nightclub, 9,000-square-foot plaza and a decommissioned Boeing 747 to be repurposed for events.

The first event at JETSET will be in the summer of 2024, but its organizers have not announced a date or lineup at the time of writing. Confirmed DJs to perform at Surreal Park in the months ahead include ANNA, Bhaskar, Illusionize and Wehbba, among others in a stellar lineup.