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PAROOKAVILLE 2024 Keeps Expanding Its Borders



In about 3 weeks the gates will open to the craziest festival city in Europe. From July 19th to 21st, PAROOKAVILLE will transform Weeze Airport (Germany) into the “City of Dreams,” housing 225,000 citizens and over 300 DJs and musician for a weekend full of madness, love and making memories. For the ninth edition citizens can expect a expanded festival terrain, new designs and ecstatic shows.

Every year the visitors of PAROOKAVILLE immerse themselves in the “City of Dreams.” This year the well-known city modules will be expanded by the new Theater District in the heart of the city. The Theater District is bringing a whole new aspect of extraordinary entertainment to PAROOKAVILLE. In the center shelter a cozy theater is created. In addition to two appearances by mentalist Timon Krause, live podcast recordings by Daniel Danger and “The Pochers – freshly recycled.”

German Celebrities Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden will provide a colorful program of burlesque and drag shows. In the area surrounding the bunker there is a palm reader and much more to discover. The space for the Theater District is created by moving the “Power Plant” stage in a newly opened part of the infield called the “Upper West Side.” With another bunker and boulevard, the Citizens have significantly more space available, compared to the previous years.

The main stage is redesigned annually according to the plans of the fictional founding father Bill Parooka. Who has his on Statue in the town square. Te design remains a well-kept secret until the site opens for its citizens. But one thing is already clear: over 200 meters wide and with new special effects this stage will be an impressive building. Also the side stages Power Plant, Time Lab and Cloud Factory are looking forward to a facelift and will shine in new splendor. In preparation for the anniversary “10 years of PAROOKAVILLE” next year, the Second Mainstage “Bill’s Factory” is going to be saying its farewell over the festival weekend. A completely redesigned stage will be built in the same location in 2025.

In addition to the area expansion through the relocation of the power plant there also will be an increase of the area in front of the main stage. This year around 60,000 citizens can dance at the same time in front of the main stage. The organizers created a separate entry and exit system for relaxed entry and leave the area. It is great to see that they are expanding the area for the same number of visitors compared to the previous year and thus take into account the citizens’ wishes for the further development of the festival.

The campsites also have some new features this year. Starting with one Early arrival on Wednesday for up to 50 percent of the campers new “Friendship Camping” and “Green Camping” are added as offers. In addition all sanitary station are expanded without increasing the number of campers. The “Green campers” are recognized for their commitment to more environmentally conscious camping not only with a separate parking lot, but also with a more relaxed setting (including a night’s rest) throughout the party weekend.

“We are confident that we have developed the best possible alternative solution to our to enable visitors to travel safely despite the change.” – Bernd Dicks (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Parookaville GmbH)

Due to the Rheinmetall company building a factory on the airport site the arrival of day visitors to Weeze will be changed this year. Because of the construction work the already established and well-functioning system for day parking had to be abandoned. Now the organizers have to find completely new parking areas, including access roads. Detailed information about arrival and alternative routes will be published shortly.

Only a few remaining tickets available
Three weeks before the city gates to the “City of Dreams” open, 97% of the tickets are sold
sold out. Full weekend visas (including camping) and day visas are also still available
for Sunday, Combi-Visa for Saturday and Sunday as well as individual Comfort and Deluxe Camping packages. The visas are available in the official ticket shop: