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Ofenbach Unveils Fresh New Single “4U” Ahead Of International Tour



Everyone’s favorite French electronic duo Ofenbach is back on the release radar with fresh single, “4U”. After refraining from releasing any original music throughout the past six months, they’re back in full force with this heavenly and intricately designed tune. Following a series of international top-hit releases like “Wasted Love”, “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes”, “Be Mine”, and “Hurricane”, the duo was left with no choice but to continue their record-breaking release trend with this brand new captivating single.

Out now on all major streaming platforms, “4U” incorporates that happy-go-lucky, electrifying Ofenbach sound that music lovers from all over the globe can’t seem to get enough of. With a reverberating overall melody and stunning vocals to accompany it all throughout, this beautiful new tune is one bound to make history now that temperatures are rising and it’s almost time for those heartfelt summer flings to begin emerging.

“When you understand electronic music and come from a more classic genre of music, it’s the natural thing to try and mix it. We love songs that can unite lots of people and countries and break the boundaries. Our goal is to push the project even higher”- Ofenbach

Whether you’re completely starstruck over that special someone you can’t get out of your head or you’re hoping to come across that special someone this summer, “4U” is the perfect feel-good track to simply vibe out to and boost your mood instantly. Ahead of their upcoming 40 plus date international tour that’s soon to be announced, Ofenbach’s latest release marks only the beginning of everything the notable pair has in store for fans in the coming months.

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