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Odium Releases New Single “As I Was A Child”



These last couple of months we have seen Dutch powerhouse act Odium pushing boundaries with several high profile collaborations. Now, it is time for the explosive release of
the highly anticipated 4th Odium release, “As I Was a Child.”

“Since I’d like to experiment a lot with different genres, I tried to implement a full slaphouse drop within my own ‘Odium’ sound. While I played this one, everyone seemed to like both drops, and I am really happy that it’s finally out.” – Odium

“As I Was A Child” takes you on a nostalgic journey, where the energy of your childhood dreams collides with the cutting-edge beats of today. With its groundbreaking fusion of hardance and slaphouse, “As I Was a Child” takes you on a thrilling musical adventure like none other. Featuring a mesmerizing slaphouse drop intertwined with a jaw-dropping hardcore drop, this track is set to redefine the boundaries of hard dance music.

“As I Was a Child” is more than just mind-blowing beats. It’s an anthem for dreamers, for
those who refuse to let go of the endless possibilities that fueled their imaginations during
childhood. The lyrics, crafted with utmost care and passion, capture the essence of
dreaming big and daring to pursue your wildest aspirations. “As I Was A Child” is out now.