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Odium Releases “I Wanna Live”



Over these last couple of years the Dutch harder styles producer/DJ Odium is dropping banger after banger. Now, it is time for the highly anticipated release, “I Wanna Live.” Odium had been posting a lot of studio previews during my first weeks in the new studio. After he received a lot of requests from the fans to release “I Wanna Live” asap. Luckily for his fans Odium Obliged to their wishes.

“Over the past few months, I’ve dedicated myself to finalizing my brand new studio in our new office building I acquired together with my fellow producers and friends, Angerfist and Unfused. After more than a decade of producing music in my bedroom, the time felt right to expand and create a studio with amazing sound quality.” – Odium

“I Wanna Live” is more than just mind-blowing beats. “I Wanna Live” is a carefully crafted an anthem for dreamers, for those who refuse to let go of the endless possibilities that life gives us, the once that shoot for the moon but end up in between the stars. The lyrics, crafted with utmost care and passion, capture the essence of dreaming big and daring to pursue your wildest aspirations. “As I Was A Child” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.