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Odium Releases “I Miss You”



Since May 2018 the Dutch powerhouse act Odium has been a true trailblazer in the world of harder styles. Differentiating himself with his signature sound, heavily influenced by (Psy) Trance, Future Rave and Pop, Odium is racking up millions of streams every month. With an already successful year where he has dropped countless tracks, he cranks out one more track in 2023 with “I Miss You.”

“I came across this amazing vocal from the same singer who worked on my song “As I Was A Child,” The moment I heard that vocal, I was hooked and had the entire idea in my head.” – Odium

An incredible vocal performance captured Odium’s attention, coming from the same talented
singer who collaborated on the artist’s previous hit, “As I Was A Child.” Upon encountering this captivating vocal, a surge of inspiration enveloped Odium, giving rise to an entire conceptual framework within their mind. The musical composition naturally unraveled from this initial encounter, materializing into two distinct sections. The first segment emerged as a vibrant slaphouse drop, laying the foundation for the piece. This seamlessly transitioned into a second part a hardstyle/happy hardcore drop a deliberate fusion designed to intertwine the energetic beats of EDM with Odium’s signature sound. “I Miss You” is out now on all streaming platforms.