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No Mana Teams Up With Multi-Genre Artist Voicians on “Justify”



Jordan Orcaz, professionally known as No Mana, is defined by the trifecta of pixel art, video game-chat sarcasm, and anything that has a repetitive beat with heavily synthetic instruments. Now the Monstercat fan-favourite makes a celebrated return to Instinct today, joining forces with eclectic producer and vocalist Voicians, with their new electro-fueled record “Justify.” 

“Something, something, continuing my comical adventure of starry music and flashy pixel art. “Justify” was actually a track that EDDIE and I had started on, which was once a bootleg of “You Used to Hold Me” by Calvin Harris. I really liked the whole Prydzcore vibe to it, and added some sounds and punch to it. It has done really well in clubs and over time it passed through only small revisions and eventually we got our friend Voicians to jump on the track and make it an original.” – No Mana

For “justify” he is drawing inspiration from nostalgic elements of Calvin Harris and incorporating a Prydzcore vibe. Overall No Mana honed in on his signature 8-bit, flashy sounds while seamlessly adding a melodic punch to the new record. In the mesmerizing cover art for “Justify,” No Mana expands on his limitless artistic creativity. Using Aseprite, he masterfully refined the essence of the track into a pixilated gem. In this dreamlike atmosphere, he envisions two objects floating in his usual starry landscape, immersed in a sparkling color palette that offers a celestial quality. A prime illustration of how he bridges his music and is showcased in his Gravity set, which steadily accumulates streams. “Justify” is out now on all streaming platforms.