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NIMDA Drops Long Awaited “Renegade Bxstard”



Hailing from the heart of the United Kingdom, NIMDA has carved out a niche for himself as a producer with an innate ability to blend the old and the new. Now this stellar producer finally delivers the long awaited “Renegade Bxstard” on his very own label, Mentis Audio. NIMDA’s recent performance at Rampage Open Air showcased his mastery of the decks, leaving the audience in awe with a high-energy set that left no doubt about his status as a rising star in the scene. The anticipation for “Renegade Bxstard” has been steadily building since then, and fans can finally get their hands on this incredible track.

“Renegade Bxstard” is a prime example of this unique fusion, offering everyone the opportunity to feel their blood stream pumping and brain melting as they feel his wrath. Combining his signature tear out dubstep sound with the iconic vocals from “Renegade Master,” this track is set to take the heavy hitting scene by storm. What sets “Renegade Bxstard” apart is NIMDA’s deft touch as he gives the vocals, a modern dubstep twist, a prowess that pays homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of the genre forward.

Already supported by Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kompany & Kai Wachi, this one will get your bones to shatter in excitement. “Renegade Bxstard” is out now as a free download here.