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Nicky Romero Returns to His Roots With “Acid Is My DNA”



Nicky Romero is probably one of the most innovative artists out there. The renowned performer, producer, and Protocol label head continues to surprise his fans. Whether with his alter-ego Monocule or dropping some new beats. With his newest track “Acid Is My DNA” Nicky takes it back to his “Generation 303” roots. Naturally, this monster is released on the head honcho’s personal label Protocol Recordings.

With the meaningful title “Acid Is My DNA,” Nicky drops a hard-hitting bomb that calls for those late-night dance floor sessions. True to form, he creates a high-energy and dance-worthy sound with a killer combination of driving basslines and intense buildups, which feature laser samples, and deep, rhythmic drops. The veteran producer’s love of acid-influenced music started way back in 2012 with “Generation 303” on Musical Freedom and continued with “Ready 2 Rumble,” and more throughout his career. “Acid Is My DNA” is yet another example of Nicky Romero’s stellar ability to successfully experiment with different sounds.


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