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N1NJA Unveils ‘A Perfect Storm’ EP



The mega-talented, fast-rising star N1NJA has earned global recognition in the realms of djiing, podcasting, and production. Her TEDx Talk on overcoming neurodiversity as a musician, alongside her role as a curator at IMS working with Ben Turner and Pete Tong, and her highly acclaimed podcast series, Mission Makers, showcases her multifaceted influence. Now we see the talented N1NJA drop her latest EP A Perfect Storm.

With A Perfect Storm she explores the karmic concepts of life, death, and rebirth through a perfect storm of transcendent instruments that personify a relentless pursuit of innovation and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of melodic techno. Mixed on Dolby Atmos in Berlin, the EP meticulously maps layers of sound into a unique auditory path, inviting listeners to explore a dimension beyond the confines of a conventional sonic experience.

The title track, “Perfect Storm” is an enchanting journey through an emotive techno landscape, where the convergence of elements mirrors the metaphorical essence of a perfect storm. An entrancing emotional synth line takes center stage, building an atmospherical pressure, while harmonizing with intricate layers of guitar and acid leads that are expertly designed to crescendo into a high-energy moment on the dancefloor.

Complementing the title track is “Samsara”, a rhythmical record characterized by sparks of a deep and driving bassline that combine instrumental elements by the award-winning Zayn Mohammed on the Sarangi. Hypnotic layers of the Veena, one of India’s oldest instruments linked to the goddess of music and knowledge, Saraswati, flow seamlessly with the sarangi, adding a sacred resonance before culminating in a monumental breakdown featuring pulsating African drum patterns.

A Perfect Storm promises to be a journey that resonates with both connoisseurs of techno and those seeking an immersive dancefloor experience. A Perfect Storm is out now on all streaming platforms.