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Matt Hawk Challenges Listeners with “SKELETON”



Matt Hawk, the next big star in Car Music, is all about minimalism and genre clashes, two things that make him stand out from other DJs. The 33-year-old art director from Aalborg, Denmark, started dreaming of a music career in his teens when he began mixing styles and genres in his creation of new and unique productions. Danish artist and the “Car Music” movement foreman Matt Hawk returns with his newest release “SKELETON.” Hawk previously released “Hood To The Hills” with his fellow Danish partner in crime, HEDEGAARD, back in March, and “SKELETON” is another strong track from this talented artist.

“The process was a bit different than usual, which ended in a very interesting result. While it exists within the familiar universe of my musical style of low-tempo EDM/urban sound, the production of “SKELETON” drives the energy forward, where the theme and message touch a more emotional journey and invite the listener to visit sublayers of the mind. It was important for me to maintain a recognizable signature in my music while experimenting with new sounds and moods. The result is a single that challenges the listener – and is different in expression.” – Matt Hawk

“SKELETON” is a unique heater with both emotive and hard-hitting elements. Opening with ominous melodies that meld into a deep, undulating bassline with dark synths and menacing vocals throughout, Hawk steps out on a ledge with the driving style of the track while staying in his element of the “Car Music” genre. “SKELETON” is both low-fi urban and also bass-heavy EDM influenced, making it a versatile record that will also make the listener feel the darkness behind the lyrics while amping up the energy a few notches. “SKELETON” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.