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Listen to Party Favor’s Newest Track “Superhuman”



Electronic music figure, producer, and DJ, Party Favor, has just put a new single with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, K.Flay, through the renowned electronic label, Ultra Records. The track is a radio-ready jam that incorporates a plethora of production elements that will catch the ear, including addictive guitar riffs, a driving bassline, steady kick patterns, and fresh sound design.

Featuring K.Flay, “Superhuman” is an electronic jam that perfectly balances sound design, songwriting, rhythm, and dynamics. Its vocal melodies are dream-inspiring and extremely singable, making it a contender as a 2022 summer anthem that will be played on repeat across the nation and more. The single’s catchy melodies paired with its gritty basslines serve as the perfect combo to leave any listener feeling bouncy and uplifted, as it’s sure to give anyone who comes across it a pleasing glow.

With 2022 unraveling its plans to reintroduce live shows at full force, Party Favor is indefinitely an artist that many electronic music fanatics have their attention towards. With a consistent slew of hit originals and remixes under his belt, he is one of the most sought-after DJs in the live show space and is sure to deliver within the remainder of the year. 


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