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Kleøpatra Celebrates New Name Alexis Nikki With New Release “One More Time”



Salt Lake City’s own Kleøpatra, a name synonymous with ground-shaking bass music, announces a pivotal shift in her musical journey,  Stepping out of the Kleøpatra persona, she ushers in the exciting debut of her House music alias, Alexis Nikki. In tandem with the news, Alexis is proud to unveil the inaugural single under her new moniker, “One More Time.” This evolution marks a departure from her previous style and heralds a fresh, eclectic production approach, bringing a new level of diversity that is poised to captivate listeners globally.

With the emergence of Alexis Nikki, she ventures into the realms of House music, poised to scale new heights and leave listeners eagerly awaiting her next move. With the release of “One More Time,” Alexis Nikki sets a new precedent in her evolving artistic narrative, further establishing her as a dynamic force in the diverse world of House music. As she prepares to unveil more sonically diverse productions in 2024, the anticipation for Alexis Nikki’s upcoming projects is palpable, signaling an exciting and transformative era in her distinguished career.

“I took a much-needed break from shows to focus on my mental health, and also pursued further education to acquire a new skill.  After some much needed reflection, I have made the decision to lay Kleøpatra project to rest, as it no longer resonates with who I am or inspires me creatively.  During my time in school, I was also quietly cultivating something new – a project that is truly meaningful to me, rather than what I perceived others wanted. It is with great excitement and a sense of renewed purpose that I announce the launch of my rebrand, Alexis Nikki.” – Alexis Nikki

Crafted with a profound sense of artistry, “One More Time” is a heartfelt odyssey, taking listeners on a journey through the heartache and nostalgia of post-breakup longing. Standing out as a masterpiece of storytelling, every beat and lyric is meticulously woven to capture the essence of lost love and the yearning for what once was. The Track merges haunting melodies with poignant vocals, culminating in a bass-rich, moody drop that evokes deep nostalgia and resonance with its listeners. With “One More Time”, Alexis Nikki has set a high bar for her future work, promising a journey of musical and emotional exploration for her audience. “One More Time” is out now and available to stream across all platforms.