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Alexis Nikki Shares Debut House EP, ‘All Eyes On Me’



After deciding to end the Kleøpatra era, a new house alias is born – Alexis Nikki, with a unique approach to production from tech house, to bass house, to melodic house, she takes her level of diversity to another level. Now Alexis Nikki makes a pivotal moment in the ever-evolving journey, as she unveils her debut EP, All Eyes On Me. This bold introduction under her fresh moniker, following her transformative departure from the dubstep space. Stepping into a new era, Alexis Nikki redefines her musical identity, bringing a nuanced diversity to her productions. The EP features two standout productions that embody Alexis Nikki’s dynamic approach, blending elements of tech house, bass house, and melodic house.

“I’m so excited to finally release my debut EP. Two of my favorite songs that I’ve been told embody yin and yang. All Eyes On Me is a reference to Tupac, who I grew up listening to and I happened to write that song around the time all the new info about his killer came out. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.” – Alexis Nikki

The EP kicks off with “Us”, a mesmerizing production that weaves enchanting vocal samples through a powerful baseline. Creating an ethereal atmosphere, the track is layered with a rhythm that pulls listeners straight to the dance floor, showcasing Alexis Nikki’s refined grasp on dynamic production. The title track, “All Eyes On Me”, offers a potent bass house journey. With its strong vocal hooks and relentless bassline, this track is perfectly crafted for the vibrant energy of summer festivals and the intimate pulse of nightclub dance floors.

“All Eyes On Me” highlights Alexis Nikki’s exceptional ability to blend various musical styles and solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the electronic music scene. Her unique flair for merging technical prowess with raw energy is evident throughout the EP, earning her critical acclaim and a rapidly growing fanbase. With her latest offering, Alexis Nikki not only transitions genres but sets a new standard for innovation and excitement in the electronic music landscape. Her All Eyes On Me EP is out now on all streaming platforms.