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Julian Cross Drops Banger With “Lose It All”



The amazingly talented Julian Cross is a high value producer that puts his soul into every track he releases! Mostly producing on emotions and putting the mood that he feels at that point into his music. Eventually putting out a very diverse array of all types of styles since no song of him is the same. After his huge success on “All I Need” together with his mentor AFROJACK, he now is dropping his latest masterpiece “Lose It All.”

“Truly excited to release this third single that will be part of my upcoming album ‘Stories of the Nebula’. It’s beyond a doubt, taking shape now. Hope you guys like this one as much as I do!” – Julian Cross

Julian’s commitment to creating an immersive music experience, returns with every note of “Lose It All”. Drawing from different emotions, he has crafted a track that is able to resonate with all sorts of feelings. Whether you can conquer the world, or are in a ditch, this song is right there to have your back, with Julian Cross right beside it! The single is a testament to his growth and versatility as a producer, showcasing a fusion of different genres with every release that sets him apart from the masses. “Lose it all” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Stories Of The Nebula

Lose It All is the third single-release out of his upcoming debut album called Stories Of The Nebula, expected to drop later this year. Stories of the Nebula, promises to be a collection of musical narratives that will further establish his reputation as an innovative artist. Set to be released later this year, the album is eagerly awaited by fans and industry insiders alike, as they anticipate Cross’s next evolution in sound and storytelling.