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Jengi Makes Debut on Tomorrowland Music With Infectious Single “Take U”



Dutchman Jengi has been making waves since his late teens, delivering a slew of impressively mature productions since 2014. Earlier this year his track Bel Mercy became a viral sensation, spreading like wildfire across social media, racking up over 100 million plays. Now this talented producer brings his electro indie soul flavors to Tomorrowland Music with fresh new single ‘Take U.” The single is yet another example of Jengi’s cutting-edge skills as a producer, releasing most of his music without collaborators or featuring artists.

With ‘Take U” Jengi combines pumping beats and vintage rave vibes with soulful vocals for a dance floor-ready track. It has an emotive main riff, powerful drums, and engaging elements like “spinbacks” and riff changes. This is one of those cuts that will ignite the dance floor and send ravers home on cloud 9. Invigorating and unashamedly joyous Jengi once again proves how to deliver a polished production and his innate understanding of the dance floor. “Take U” is out now on all streaming platforms.