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Good Times Ahead Brings Something “So Good” to Monstercat



Miami-born Julio Mejia and Matt Toth or better know as Good Times Ahead is at it again. After making their Monstercat debut last year, they are back with another massive single, “So Good.” The pair have made a name for themselves. Most importantly as multi-faceted artists that span a range of genres including house, electro, trap, and hip-hop.

We grew up being heavily influenced by the Blog House / Electro House days and wanted to try and bring some of that feeling back. We also wanted to start incorporating a lot more trippy & experimental sounds to have certain weird moments in our sets and we’re so happy with the balance of groove and energy in this one! We’ve had such great feedback from our peers. We can’t wait until the clubs open back up to play this one live!” – Good Times Ahead

Opening with a catchy vocal sample, “So Good” is an explosive new record that features an array of genre-blending soundscapes. The track showcases Good Times Ahead’s range in production ability as it features elements of house and infectious electro vibes. Overall the gritty synth stabs and glitchy synth slides are the defining features of the drop as they add this late-night club feel to the track. With anticipatory builds that crash into a myriad of gritty drops, the track pulsates with feverous energy perfect for the club or main stage.

Good Times Ahead are not ones to shy away from producing genre-blending tracks. It is to say that “So Good” is a testament to their decade-long careers as versatile producers. “So Good ” is out now on Monstercat.


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