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DGTL Music Festival is the World’s First Fully Sustainable Event



In collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, DGTL music festival is defining new norms and requirements in environmental sustainability, circulating itself to be the first fully sustainable event. Running strong since 2013, DGTL has also created a followable blueprint for other festivals around the world, with the goal of becoming integrated into small towns and ultimately cities. 

DGTL has distinguished itself as a focal point in sustainability, being a leader in blueprint strategy integration for music festivals hosted around the world. The festival has embedded its mark in locations such as Madrid, Santiago, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, and Amsterdam, aiding developing nations streamline sustainability programs within its neighboring communities.

DGTL has conceptualized that a festival is a miniature version of a functioning community, as the various forms of money trading, consumption, and waste replicate that of a small neighborhood. With this, DGTL has initiated new partnerships with The City of Amsterdam, to help the city take on urban challenges in new forms of sanitation and transitioning into a more sustainable community.

The festival has streamlined a newly efficient waste compost system, possessing a mimicable blueprint for other festivals and urban communities to follow. DGTL is also a 100% energy neutral and emission free event, utilizing traditional diesel generators and increasing construction of energy efficient power boxes throughout the event. The festival has even mapped out the most optimal route for attendees to drive when attending the event, minimizing as much greenhouse gases emitted by visitors.

DGLT has distinguished itself as the leader in their sustainable program within the festival landscape, developing a blueprint for other festivals to follow, and being applicable towards urban communities and cities. They’ve set the mark in terms of environmental responsibility, while also applying their services in an extremely practical forms. Setting the standard towards how businesses and communities need to think moving forward, DGTL has pioneered itself as both an inspiration and spark towards the shift in priority for sustainability. 

Photos Courtesy of DGTL Facebook


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