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Crystal Knives Releases Fresh & Infectious Track “Stranded”



As one of the hottest up and coming artists stemming from Milwaukee in the midwest, Spencer Mutsch aka Crystal Knives has done it again with his latest release titled “Stranded.” Featuring Ivish and Nathan Kay, the track truly demonstrates how such different musical styles and influences can come together as one and create a beautiful masterpiece.

“Stranded” harmoniously blends Crystal Knives’ original jazz roots with those of today’s popular electronic and urban tones we all acknowledge. Essentially, the track tells the story about an individual in someone’s past who became toxic at some point, describing what happens when enough is enough and it is finally time to let go.

“I like to put myself in weird, unfamiliar situations when it comes to songwriting. I loved the idea of putting myself, Ivish and Nathan together for a session because we all come from three very different worlds; Dance music, urban music and contemporary jazz. We went into the session with no idea what was going to happen and had the entire song written less than six hours later, the energy in the room was electric and I really think that vibe shines through on the finished record.” – Crystal Knives

Crystal Knives’ constant dedication to his creative content has truly shaped him into the unique producer he is known to be today. The ability to merge various genres into one is not the easiest of tasks when it comes to music production, but the up and coming 22-year old artist does it exceptionally on “Stranded”. All currently on the rise, these three co-existing artists have truly come together to create an exquisite musical artwork.

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