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Creamfields Unveils World’s Biggest Indoor Festival Stage For 2024



Creamfields (UK) is going big for 2024, probably more fitting would be, insanely massive. The UK Music Festival took to Instagram to announce an incredible new stage for 2024. The APEX Stage will be the largest indoor festival superstructure ever.

Creamfields taking place from 22 till 25 August, 2024 is gearing up for one of its biggest editions yet, and is proving so with a triple whammy of exciting announcements for ticketholders. After announcing that techno & electro brand Teletech will be hosting a stage along with XXL, they surprised people by announcing another indoor megastructure.

Titled APEX, it promises to be the world’s biggest indoor main stage superstructure with a huge 30,000 person capacity, levelling up the production of the festival even more than usual. Set to host world class talent on all days of the festival from Friday-Sunday, with extended 4am closing on Saturday, ticketholders can expect big things from this stage. Previous mainstages of Creamfields always featured a giant LED screen and plenty of production around it. However, given the unpredictable weather in England, this structure will shield festival-goers from the elements.

With concept images already showcasing a massive LED screen, lasers and pyro running across the whole indoor structure and most importantly, plenty of room to dance, APEX will be a massive treat. With the festival previously selling out and final few failed payment plan tickets now available here, fans will want to act fast to ensure their place in what will be a history-making edition.