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Close To Monday Enlists DJ Slevin to Drop New Track “Religion”



To close out the holiday season and 2023, the synth pop duo Close To Monday collaborated with Italian producer DJ Slevin. This brand-new darkwave single, “Religion,” which is out now, is a great way to kick of your 2024. This 6-minute track gets you into your feels, while also synchronizing with your heartbeat, that by the 3-minute mark, you’ll want to move and groove. 

Close To Monday has a melodic, soul/indie electro vibe that their sound is to be compared to the likes of CHVRCHES, Boy Harsher and even Soulwax – while still having their own musical flare, they have a devoted fan base that just continues to grow. Meanwhile DJ Slevin has an experiential sound – with his combination of bass, house, and techno, he allows listeners to immerse themselves into their own world. 

With “Religion,” Close To Monday and DJ Slevin create a musical experience that breaks the stereotype and introduces different elements of house through dark wave, techno, and bass. Making this remix shows off diverse sounds, while also creating an immersive dance song that doesn’t stick to just one genre. I would call this one a masterpiece. “Religion” is out now streaming on all platforms.

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