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Charlotte De Witte Set to Make Grand Brooklyn Debut on KNTXT Tour



Charlotte De Witte has been killing the game with her infectious techno sounds and evolving KNTXT brand. In just a few years, the Belgian superstar has made quite a name for herself within the electronic dance music scene and has caught the attention of thousands of techno lovers worldwide. Many European cities have gotten the chance to witness Charlotte’s phenomenal mixing skills live, and now it’s America’s turn to finally experience what the hype is all about.

On February 7th, Charlotte De Witte is set to make her grand debut across the Atlantic as she presents her KNTXT event concept at Avant Gardner right in the heart of Brooklyn, a city where the power of techno is highly praised. Founded at the prominent Fuse night club in Brussels back in 2015, the brand has gone from being a single live event to blooming into an entire label that curates a multitude of events, releases music, hosts radio episodes, and designs exclusive apparel. KNTXT represents everything Charlotte De Witte stands for as an artist, encompassing the concepts of purity, strength, and progression within a vibrant and ever evolving techno scene.

With supporting acts from other techno prodigies Enrico Sangiuliano, Monoloc, and Onyvaa, Brooklyn doesn’t know what’s coming for them this upcoming weekend. Avant Gardner and its underground warehouse ambiance is the perfect place to host America’s first rendition of Charlotte De Witte’s stunning KNTXT production, and we’re thrilled to finally get a chance to experience it for ourselves!

Check out Charlotte De Witte’s latest EP, Selected:

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