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Bora Uzer Crafts a Sonic Paradise With His 3-Track EP, ‘No Talking’



Renowned Turkish singer, songwriter and live act Bora Uzer announces his latest sonic adventure with the release of his vibrant EP, No Talking. Setting the stage for a summer filled with infectious rhythms, the 3-track collection marks the latest high point in a year
already packed with global performances and prestigious residencies. Celebrated for his dynamic sets and eclectic musical style, Uzer continues to leave his mark on the global music scene.

The EP kicks off with the hypnotic title track “No Talking,” a boisterous, acid-laden gem that captures Uzer’s engaging and uplifting energy. The track catapults listeners into a realm of deep grooves and resonant beats, establishing a mood of musical immersion that mirrors his captivating live performances witnessed from Tulum’s Zamna Festival to Tomorrowland’s CORE in Medellín.

The journey continues with “Passenger,” a straightforward dance floor heater characterized by its dynamic rhythms and pulsating synths. Both productions offer distinct auditory experiences that showcase Uzer’s versatility and innovative approach to sound. Rounding out the trio, the EP delivers an exuberant house remix of “No Talking,” boasting classic grooves re-imagined with a modern twist. This rendition injects a festive spirit into the original composition, transforming it into a track that’s bound to electrify dance floors and elevate moods across summer festivals and club nights. The No Talking EP is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.