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ANATTA, Honü & Fred Paci Put Forth Minimal-Trumpet Tune “Steam Rollin”



ANATTA, Honü, and Fred Paci have just come together to put out a trumpet-infused minimal single, “Steam Rollin.” The track is a simple tune however it instills an array of complex emotions in its listeners as it progresses. At the forefront of the mix is rising superstar, ANATTA, who has developed a quickly growing reputation for his minimal work. Teaming up with bass house producer, Honü, and multi-instrumentalist, Fred Paci, proved to be an epic collaboration, as it helped to birth their new funky minimal single, “Steam Rollin.” 

“Steam Rollin” is perfect for any club, festival, or casual listening experience, infusing elements from chill house, lo-fi, a bit of bass house, captivating trumpets, and more. All three artists perfectly came together to create the tune, which is a blend of each of their crisp production techniques and minimalism. 

“Steam Rollin’ was a straight jam! We made this beat in one night and knew Fred was the guy to lay down some trumpet right away. Steam Rollin’ came together very nicely and we are glad it is finally seeing the light of day!” – ANATTA

The trumpet of “Steam Rollin” is addicting and captivating, making sense of why it was one of the first elements to be laid down in the session. It’s followed and supported by various elements of the single that makes it captivating in its own and sonically helps listeners visualize the epic jam session that took place while creating “Steam Rollin.”


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