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Able Grey Drops New Single “Beauty Fades”



Able Grey’s latest release, “Beauty Fades,” features Hymn and NoelleMichelle, and delves into the challenges of maintaining lifelong love. The track features a dynamic duet that captures masculine and feminine perspectives and sonically opens with dramatic strings and piano that perfectly builds to an intense melodic bass chorus. Illustrating the theme of enduring love, the single’s journey from a soft start to a powerful climax and back to a gentle finish mirrors love’s cyclical nature perfectly and is an exhibition of Grey’s production ability to exhibit stories through music.

Chicago-based DJ and producer, Able Grey, has captivated audiences at major festivals like North Coast and Summer Camp. He has been recognized by industry heavyweights like Excision and Nicky Romero through his live performances where he bends genres using electronic drum pads and MIDI controllers. “Beauty Fades” showcases his production skills and ability to weave emotional narratives, solidifying his status in the electronic music scene. Stay tuned from much more from Able Grey as he continues to build momentum for himself and more.