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Eric Prydz Brings Stunning 3-Night HOLO to NYC



The wait is finally over for dance music fans in NYC who have been anxiously waiting to see Eric Prdyz Presents HOLO. His last HOLO performance in the city was at The New York Expo Center in December 2019. This past Thanksgiving Weekend with Teksupport, Prydz hosted his sensational 3-night sold-out show run at Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 293.

With 60,000 total ticket sales, Prdyz fans got to witness the new Brooklyn Navy Yard building with an intimate landscape, making it the perfect venue for the second installment of HOLO; and we were lucky to experience this jaw-dropping production.

After attending dozens of Eric Prdyz shows, from his live DJ sets, his two alias’ Pryda, and Cirez D… there is absolutely nothing like seeing HOLO. We arrived on Saturday, November 25th [the third and final night], the crowd was already filled from front to back to see Prydz sidekick and Front Runner Cristoph. Fans dancing, and singing along to every word of his original remix to The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition”the energy in the room was in full motion for a great night ahead.

Cristoph closed his set with Jeremy Olander’s hit song Let Me Feel,” making it the perfect closer and keeping it within the Pryda Label Family – he set the tone just right for Prydz to make his way to the stage.

There was a ten minute “change-up,” and the crowd was piling in tight – filled from all edges of the venue. At 1:30 a.m., the lights got dark and fans started cheering, that we all knew Eric Prdyz was making his way to the stage. When the lights turned on, everyone had their phones up in the air starting to record and HOLO began. From the very first drop, all the way to the strobe lights – this 11,000-person crowd was in awe from this performance. I was standing next to a friend who has never seen Prydz in his life, and within an hour me and another friend turned and said “watch this,” he started playing Cirez D, one of his new 3D holographics was a construction worker sewing glass, everyone cheering – and the green strobe lights came straight at you, that you cannot keep your eyes off of the screen. My friend couldn’t believe his eyes, and he was officially a Prdyz fan.

There were stunning new effects from a Whale looking like it’s swimming through the venue, The popular man in goggles that is seen on every promotion poster, and let me just tell you the pictures, and videos don’t do it justice. It was remarkable to see it on the big screen. Of course, he had the classic hand com/ing out towards us, which was one of the highlights of the night. He played everything from Prdyz originals, to Pryda to Cirez D.

A Prydz show, isn’t a Prydz show without closing the night to his trifecta including: “Liberate,” “Pjanno,” and of course completely ending the set with his 9-minute hit song “Opus.” In a perfect smooth transition between the three, fans were enjoying, and taking in every second to this breathtaking performance. 

To close the night completely, one of his updated visuals was the Astronaut looking out at the crowd with a red beam, and the helmet flicking the words “On” and “Off.” We finally got the last beat, the must starts to fade, and the astronaut’s helmet ends with the Off. My mouth dropped to the floor with chills, for how brilliant that was.

The lights turned on, and once again Prdyz left everyone speechless. As I was walking out, I overheard a guy say to his friend “there is nothing like an Eric Prydz show,” – and that is a fact. Another friend who saw HOLO on Wednesday – and again on Saturday – said that it was two completely different shows – and that’s Eric Prdyz, for you. He is never the same, and that’s what makes his shows so special and memorable.

Photos courtesy of Michael Poselski/Off Brand Project

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