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Ukrainian Electronic Music Painter Lugovskiy Ignites Hope With “Ur L3ve”



Born and raised in Luhansk, Ukraine, Sasha Lugovskiy’ is now living in Kiyv. Lugovskiy likes change and progress. In this turbulent time, his music is vibrant and keeps the scene in the Ukrainian capital moving. In a winter overshadowed by adversity, Lugovskiy is unveiling his newest work of art “Ur L3ve” (Your Love).

“I don’t know why this track so powerful and positive. Maybe because of my type of character”Lugovskiy

“Ur l3ve” is a radiant single infused with hope and resilience, crafted during times of no heat, water, or electricity due to Russia’s attacks in the Ukrainian capital, this track bursts with an unyielding spirit. The hi-hats keep on hitting in counter time, creating a sweeping rhythm that beckons listeners to the dance floor. The electric undertones and dynamic progressions reflect the very essence of Lugovskiy’s personality and his ability to find positivity in the bleakest circumstances. It’s a testament to music’s power, its ability to provide solace, ignite passions, and unify individuals under a shared beat. “Ur l3ve” stands as an emblem of Lugovskiy’s indomitable character, championing positivity and simplicity even in the face of hardship. “Ur l3ve” is out now on CORE Records.