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SVDDEN DEATH Unveils Full ‘Harbinger’ EP



After teasing his Harbinger EP for the past few months, SVDDEN DEATH is proud to finally unveil the full, 8-track offering. The full EP follows most recent single release “Forgive Forget” which was only released last Friday on the 12th of January.

An amalgamation of plates and unreleased songs the enigmatic producer has amassed over the past two years since the release of his wildly popular, experimental album VOYD Vol. II, the Harbinger EP is a collection of tracks curated to simultaneously inspire and unnerve listeners and peers with their unyielding, relentless energy. An experience that all SVDDEN DEATH fans are all too familiar with when it comes to one of his breathtaking live performances. Immerse yourself in SVDDEN DEATH’s world, one with infinite, limitless sonic possibilities, enhanced by profound, intricate visuals and a meticulously crafted storyline to match. SVDDEN DEATH has firmly established himself as one of the most original, forward-thinking artists in the electronic music genre and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

In a scene that is consistently changing, Bay Area native Danny Howland, better known as SVDDEN DEATH has taken a spot at the forefront in this new age of dubstep. Finding inspiration through legends within bass such as Noisia, 16BIT, and Skrillex, Danny has managed to formulate a hybrid of textured rhythms and sub-wrecking bass-lines that are of his own maniacal sound. The full Harbringer EP is out now on all streaming platforms via his VOYD imprint

Full Tracklist:

  1. Teeth feat. Bejalvin
  2. Harbinger
  3. Torsion (w/ Neonix)
  4. Psycho
  5. Mind Control (w/ Wooli)
  6. Yargonaut
  7. Forgive Forget
  8. Ten Toad Anthem 
  9. Don’t You Dare Go Hollow (w/ Hvdes)
  10. Immolator