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Nu Aspect & Jem Cooke Team Up for Energizing Dance Anthem “Distraction”



Tomorrowland Music’s and Selected.’s collaborative is made up of a string of brand-new productions by some of electronic music’s finest talents. Having kicked off with “Heartbeat Slow” by Astrality, Jyll and Dillistone it is time for the second release. A powerful collaboration by Nu Aspect and Jem Cooke called and “Distraction.”

“I’ve been working on various versions of “Distraction” for over a year now. It’s essentially based around my love for some of the early 2000’s trance sounds trying to put a modern almost progressive spin to it. And with Jem Cooke and myself having been trying to work on a track together for some time, I knew that she would smash it and contribute to the vibe in such a cool way. After some back and forth, we finished up the vocals and ‘Distraction’ was pieced together to what it is now. A banger!” – Nu Aspect

Coming from a city well-known for its vibrant music scene, Bristol DJ and producer Sam Higgins has been making various waves in the electronic music scene for over 6 years. Hit UK dance artist Jem Cooke hails from London and is a singer/songwriter probably most known to date for her stunning vocal/cowritten single with Camelphat + Cristoph, “Breathe”. Jem has a prolific track record of hit singles with the top DJ/producers of the dance music world and is also a hit songwriter for other artists.

“The lyrics to “Distraction” are definitely open to interpretation – they were a stream of consciousness one day when I was feeling a bit restless like I needed something ​ I didn’t have but I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I’ve loved Sam’s (Nu Aspect’s) production for ages and was super keen to work something out with him, so being able to collaborate with him and have another release with both Selected. and Tomorrowland Music on this one is a dream.” – Jem Cooke

Now we see the UK producer & DJ Nu Aspect and fellow UK singer/songwriter Jem Cooke have come together for the first time to deliver an energizing dance anthem with magnetic vocals and restless energy, combining into a well-executed dancefloor cut. Jem’s angelic voice completes Nu Aspect finely woven string of beats that take distract us from all the things happening around us. One can only live in the moment and dream away when listening to “Distraction”. The second release of the Tomorrowland Music and Selected. EP once again hits home. “Distraction” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.

Tomorrowland Music and Selected., two of dance music’s most esteemed record labels, have teamed up for a string of exciting collaborative EP’s, co-released through both imprints. More new music will be unveiled over the coming months leading up to Tomorrowland Belgium 2024. During the first weekend of Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Music and German label & playlist giant Selected. will be joining forces to co-host the iconic Crystal Garden stage on Sunday July 21, including performances by Astrality, Ferreck Dawn, James Hype, Korolova, Meduza, Nu Aspect, Siege and more.