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Nate Mars Releases ‘In Time’ EP



Nate Mars returns to his bass music roots with his latest EP, ‘In Time,’ a dark yet melodic drum and bass journey. This EP is a nod to classic dnb and rave culture, infused with a modern twist that showcases Mars’s evolution and versatility as an artist.

The In Time EP features Mars’s own vocals and poignant lyrics, particularly in tracks like “Starting Over” and “Collect Call From.” These singles highlight his ability to blend emotive storytelling with the energetic rhythms of drum and bass. His previous collaboration with Dia Luna on “Out of The City” demonstrated his skill in merging acid house with pop elements, earning over 56k global streams and acclaim from the dance music community.

Mars’s signature use of the TB-303, combined with analog hardware and looped vocals, creates a unique dark pop sound. In Time EP is a departure from his usual style, revisiting his early influences with classic drum breaks, rave stabs, and 90s piano riffs, reminiscent of Moby, The Prodigy, and Omni Trio. This EP is an immersive experience, perfect for the dancefloor or a reflective late-night drive.

“Over the past few years, I have experienced some great loss on a personal level and it led me to think a lot about the way living beings change over time. It also oddly led me to think about the coordinates of physical objects that once had deep meaning and lived for many years in close proximity to each other but are now dispersed. I wonder if those objects are still connected somehow and if they are somehow affecting the lives of the people who encounter them. These were among the thoughts often running through my head while I was creating this record.”

– Nate Mars