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Mr. Bill Unveils Genre-Bending Album ‘Mechanomorphic’



Mr. Bill is an electronic music producer, and DJ from Sydney, Australia (currently residing in the USA) best known for his willingness to share tips in studio techniques & massive library of technical know-how with other aspiring producers. Following “Bones” with Dirt Money and Ellika, and “Rawthentic” with Infected Mushroom, Australian electronic music and audio producer Mr. Bill unveils debut Monstercat album, Mechanomorphic, out today on Monstercat Uncaged.

Mr. Bill’s contributions to the electronic music industry extend beyond his own catalogue of dynamic releases, which features collaborations and remixes with heavyweights including deadmau5, Subtronics, Virtual Riot, Ganja White Night, and Infected Mushroom and Freedom Fighters on his debut Monstercat release, “Freedom Bill.” He is a highly-respected passionate educator sharing his technical expertise and knowledge through his website, YouTube channel, and very own podcast, “The Mr. Bill Podcast,” with various educational workshops and tutorials for aspiring producers. Mr. Bill’s film score credits include Mom and Dad featuring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, and he has toured globally at venues and events like Lost Lands, Infrasound, and Red Rocks. Now he is back with a 18 track offering called Mechanomorphic.

“The definition of “Mechanomorphic” is “having the form or qualities of a machine,” and in a way, the album kind of has that, but that isn’t why I named it that. I’ve always been interested in the i/o system between humans and technology (especially in creative fields); humans build technology, the technology influences humans, and it continues in this loop. In my opinion, that idea has never been more pertinent than it is now with the introduction of AI into society, and so that idea inspired the name of this album.” – Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill dedicated 12 hours a day to writing Mechanomorphic. Gradually a collection of demos and ideas surfaced, which coalesced into a cohesive masterpiece that pushes boundaries in electronic dance music. The album mirrors his extensive, passionate writing sessions that unfold into a unified body of work, offering a glimpse into his creative evolution over a period of time. The title “mechanomorphic” signifies that the work borrows qualities from machinery, and the 18-track album, featuring collaborations with COPYCATT & Def3, The Widdler, Culprate, and others, is a reflection of the evolving dialogue between humans and machines and the ever-changing landscape of creativity in the digital era. Mechanomorphic is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.