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Kruelty & Death Code Drop Highly Anticipated “DISGUSTING”



Without a doubt Kruelty is one of the most sinister and shocking act in the Hard Dance scene. Now this darklord is starting off 2024 with undebatably the scariest track of the year already. For their newest weapon of mass destruction “DISGUSTING” he has teamed up with non other then Los Angeles-based Death Code.

Last summer, back at the holy grounds of the Defcon.1 festival he created “DISGUSTING” and premiered it on the legendary grounds to the masses. Fortunate fans that attended this glorious moment saw the birth of this hard hitting crowd stomper. After witnessing this unique moment in time, the hype around this dark track with pure screeches from hell only grew larger. Fans have been eagerly asking and pleading for a release. Now fans can rejoice as “DISGUSTING” saw an official release.

With “DISGUSTING” these artists capitalize on the scary side of hardstyle without sacrificing artistic vision for the sake of going hard. Greeting you with some brutal banging on the drums of hell, this track beckons you in. It wants you to join in a feat that perfectly blends metal with the raw pure angry beats. An assemble that take this track to next level. The anger and brutally this tracks oozes can be felt deep in to your bones. “DISGUSTING is out now on all streaming platforms through the Theracords imprint.

For the not so faint of hearth don’t forget to check out the artistic video clip dropped with the track. Viewer discretion advised.