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Kerala Drops Lead Single to Upcoming Debut EP “Different Light” ft. Taylor Tuke



In anticipation towards his debut EP, emerging electronic pop & future bass producer Kerala returns with his latest installment to his body of work, “Different Light” feat. Taylor Tuke. The track EP is out now as the first focus track from his upcoming Escapism EP.

The track features heartfelt vocals, warm textures, and strong instrumental layers between the synths and guitars that set the mood perfectly for the entire EP. Kerala’s newest single and EP is a strong addition to the chill stadium genre of EDM. Chill stadium is music in which every climax sets the stage for the next euphoric climax to come. The intent is clear with Kerala and his style is distinctly his own as he has created a space that he feels comfortable and at most himself. 

“Different Light reflects upon a completed journey, looking back on past memories and seeing things in a new way. It’s the existential realization that meaning comes from within, rather than your location or possessions. In the arc of Escapism, “Different Light” is the point in which the protagonist returns back from his travels to see his hometown, in a completely new light. He realizes that there was nothing wrong with his old life, except for his perspective, which in the end, is everything. He is ‘looking back on a different life’ and can ‘see it in a different light’.” – Kerala

Kerala is Colorado-based producer Jordan Evanoff’s first solo endeavor. After years of touring with jamtronica/electronic rock band Evanoff, Evanoff has branched off to explore different avenues of sound design. His new sound is an uplifting cinematic indie-electronic experience, most closely aligned with the electronic pop & future bass genres, taking inspiration from pioneers such as Kasbo, Odesza and Forester.

The project’s mission is to provide euphoric and uplifting experiences through music, break down cultural boundaries, and explore the world in order to gain a better understanding of humanity. 


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