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Johannes Brecht Trio Presents “Equinox”



Johannes Brecht Trio just released “Equinox”, the first track of the debut album recorded at Brewery Studios in Berlin. This album, a blend of electronic jazz infused with diverse musical influences, is a culmination of Johannes Brecht’s innovative vision, brought to life with the collaboration of talented musicians. Johannes wanted to disappear from the scene in a metaphysical way and let the idea of a jazz trio rise as to replace him as a pure solo artist. Having found two magnificent jazz players that recorded the entire album with him, Antonio Farris and Matteo Capreoli are completing the trio.

“With my trio, I’m starting something new, a new project with a debut album, but I’m also returning to my musical roots. I have always played together with other musicians, be it in classical chamber music or later in jazz in various ensembles.  I am happy and grateful to be able to bring everything back together.” Johannes Brecht

The haunting “Equinox” showcases the trio’s ability to conjure a sound that is both ethereal and grounded, with the Fender Rhodes once again taking center stage. An equilibrium and melodic moment in the journey of the album, where shadow equals sun. Johannes Brecht’s evolution as an artist is evident in this work, which promises to captivate and inspire audiences with its immersive atmosphere. “Equinox” is out now on all streaming platforms.