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Innellea Awakened NYC During Ethereal Five Phases Tour Performance



This past weekend, melodic techno titan Innellea returned to the city that sleeps during his exemplary Five Phases Tour performance. Executed by New York City event mainstays Teksupport, 99 Scott Studios was the perfect locale for the brilliant musician to thoroughly shine his artistic light. 

Innellea’s ethereal soundscapes are an emblem of true musical reinvention. Enough so that industry legends Tale Of Us recruited him to become an influential part of their internationally appraised Afterlife imprint. He’s also released many otherworldly techno-led tunes on prominent labels like Innervisions, Upon.You, Musica Autonomica, and TAU among many others.

This year, Innellea’s primary focus has been to present his brand-new, multifaceted Five Phases musical project and visual live tour concept for the entire world to experience. In his eyes, the “Five Phases” of life include The Awakening, Rebellious Learning, Forced Adaptation, Reflected Wisdom, and The Conclusion. Each phase EP was released in its own time, just as each phase occurs in its own time within a human life force.

For his ongoing extended set live tour, each phase is presented in the form of “Five Stages”, designed to transport attendees worldwide on an enthralling trip through these five phases of life. Each performance is meant to portray life from beginning to end or as others may perceive it, from birth to death. 

With only a few select tour stops scheduled in North America, there’s a reason Teksupport was selectively appointed to bring Innellea’s uniquely curated New York City audiovisual performance to life. Supported by industry favorites Öona Dahl and Tim Engelhardt, Innellea completely transformed 99 Scott Studios into a melodic techno haven throughout the entire duration of his soul-captivating performance. What a remarkable evening.

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