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How CULT for GOOD is Bringing Waves of Change to Communities During COVID-19



With the international troubles that have been going on, homeless communities across the country have been severely impacted with little to no resources being provided to them. The Guardian reported that homeless organizations and the government are unable to effectively stop the virus’ spread in encampments and shelters- thus putting the population further at risk to COVID-19. Recently, the CULT for GOOD Project emerged, a collective of entertainment industry professionals who felt the need to do something about this growing epidemic.

CULT for GOOD Project was born when rapper Elijah Daniel reached out to music manager Jen Stein, who already began her own emergency response plan, to team up on relief efforts in Los Angeles. Elijah Daniel, whose latest release The Final Album, was named Billboard’s #1 Independent Album of the Decade- wanted to create something extraordinary. A project that would benefit the homeless populations in Southern California, as well as music industry professionals and venues that have been shattered due to Coronavirus.

“When festivals started getting canceled, I saw all of the people I work with in the event space lose their incomes. These are the people who know how to get things done and work under pressure, and with the government failing to help in this time of need, we want to close the gap with people who are experts at handling logistics.” – CULT for GOOD COO Jen Stein

Using monetary donations from the community, the organization is mutually benefiting the entertainment industry by purchasing overstocked supplies from venues that have been shut down, then distributing them in homeless care packages. CULT for GOOD Project bought over 1,700 water bottles from DTLA’s warehouse Lot 613, in order to help keep the club afloat while their revenue has been halted. 200K+ supplies have been distributed to the homeless in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and Berkeley thus far.

The next step in this process is going to be utilizing industry heavyweights that recently lost their income due to the virus. CULT for GOOD will begin taking tour professionals to help coordinate and mobilize CULT Relief Trucks in their communities. Already having success in Los Angeles, Daniel and Stein hope that this system will work across the country. With major corporate support from Enterprise, U-Haul, and Rent-a-Truck- the organization’s mission is sure to impact millions over the next few weeks.

The CULT Relief Trucks are now ready to dispatch in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Arizona and Detroit. The organization is also providing free COVID-19 testing and has face masks for sale with 100% of proceeds going back to those in need. To volunteer, donate, or learn more- visit


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