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Faithless Returns to the Stage After 8 Years



The tragic passing of singer Maxi Jazz of Faithless at the end of 2022 sent shockwaves through the dance music community. While his passing was mourned the world over, the group is now set to return to the stage to honor Jazz’s legacy and the music he helped create.

It has been eight years since Faithless last took the stage, and now Sister Bliss has revealed the group will return, with the help of a live band to celebrate their legacy, the life of Maxi Jazz, and present new music to the adoring crowds. After the group had wiped its social media pages clear, they revealed they would participate in the Camp Bestival Shropshire festival at Weston Park.

“We are so happy to announce the return of Faithless to the live arena after eight years away, and we can’t think of a better way to return than to the hallowed fields of Camp Bestival, in all their joyful glory. This will be one big celebration we can’t wait for you to come join us, it’s going to be an exciting summer ahead.” – Sister Bliss

With the passing of Maxi Jazz still fresh in the mind of the members of Faithless as well as their legions of fans around the world, the upcoming performances will be cathartic and give a chance to truly pay homage to their group’s fallen vocalist. For Faithless, the announcement is one that has sparked speculation that the group would be revealing more dates in the coming months and allowing more fans to experience their music and art in person.

For now, fans of Faithless can head to the Camp Bestival website to secure their passes for the groups first performance in eight years.