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David Guetta Alias, Jack Back, Returns With Latest Track “Feeling”



Jack Back is an artist who is revitalizing the authentic house sounds that first inspired him and many other DJs and producers in the scene. Sonically apparent in his new release, “Feeling,” his motives are straightforward, with the track being an energetic piece of work that is perfect for any rave dance floor, DJ sets, and more. 

“Feeling” is a heavy house tune that’s filled with a plethora of intricate percussive elements, a driving bassline that will reverberate any dance floor, and an addictive groove. It’s a sonic depiction of Jack Back’s initiatives in the scene, while his future work is already garnering a ton of high anticipation. 

Jack Back is ready to sweep dance floors worldwide through his classic house releases and energetic DJ sets. Formally also known by his alias, David Guetta, Jack Back is expected to take over the scene like wildfire as he slowly but surely breakthroughs with more appearances and releases. With 2022 still fresh, there is still so much to come from Jack Back.


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