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CVIRO & GXNXVS Share Five New Remixes From Their 2022 EP “Come On In”



A while back, vocalist CVIRO and producer GXNXVS met and instantly bonded over the sound and spirit of nineties R&B and soul. As if meant to make music together all along, GXNXVS showed up to their first encounter with his recording gear in tow. Not long after, the duo bubbled up out of Australia and into the international conversation by 2014. Now this talented R&B duo returns with a reimagined version of their beloved 2022 EP, Come On In.

“When the fellas approached me to do a remix, I was super gassed, especially on a song I was already a big fan of. It made it creatively fulfilling. For my take on the remix, I kept a lot of the original soul of the song in there especially the vocals and built around it along with percussive elements of the beat in this remix, the original is already so opulent and expensive sounding, I wanted the audience to sit back and go for a cruise (with their boo) on this one.” – Cabu

Featuring five new remixes from tastemakers like Amorphous, Aywy, Cabu, Gabriel LCR, and HWLS, the package brings their soulful melodies to the dance floor in the form of bouncy house joints and drum n’ bass cuts. The reworks maintain the duo’s smooth grooves and old school stylings, all the while injecting each producer’s distinct flavors into a collection of club-ready jams. 

The Come On In (Remixes) mark the first batch of music from CVIRO and GXNXVS this year, following their sold-out debut live show at Golden Age in January. As anticipation builds, stay tuned for more to come from the multifaceted duo. Come On In (Remixes) is out now on Red Bull Recordings.

Come On In (Remixes) Tracklist

1. Hot Minute (feat. SwaVay) (Aywy Remix)

2. Naked (HWLS Remix)

3. Nasty (feat. Jean Deaux) (Gabriel LCR Remix)

4. Too Much (Amorphous Remix)

5. Too Much (Cabu Remix)