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Beatsource Brings Streaming Integration to Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox



The music streaming service that was created by Beatport and DJ City, Beatsource, has introduced their latest technology that is going to change the landscape of live DJing. Beatsource has unveiled their new Beatsource LINK technology which is going to provide DJs with unprecedented access to a library of millions of hits spanning across multiple genres of music. DJs can now stream music directly into their DJ software and seamlessly integrate it into their sets.

Already a success last year in the dance music community when Beatport LINK was introduced in Pioneer DJ rekordbox, Beatsource now looks to emulate this success to the open-format DJ community by offering a comprehensive collection of new releases and classic hits to give both professional and aspiring DJs an expertly-curated DJ library. Regardless of the venue, Beatsource LINK’s convenient and reliable integration with rekordbox allows instant access to all the hits from top genres including Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Latin, Dance, and Reggae/Dancehall.

Beatsource LINK also offers an Offline Performance Mode feature, which provides the ability to store up to 100 songs that can be used without an internet connection. DJs can create, build, and manage their personal playlists on or directly in the rekordbox interface and not be dependent on a strong wi-fi connection for their DJ set. This unique Offline Performance Mode eliminates the need for DJs to download music and at long last makes available a reliable professional streaming solution for DJs.

Beatsource LINK is currently being trialed by a number of top DJs such as A-Trak (GRAMMY nominee for the track “Barbra Streisand”), Paul Blair (aka “DJ White Shadow” GRAMMY- winning producer for Lady Gaga and A Star is Born soundtrack), and MistaJam (renowned DJ signed to Armada Music and radio personality who hosts BBC Radio1’s Dance Anthems every Saturday).

There will also be a vast number of curated genre, artist, and occasion-themed playlists available directly through rekordbox and give DJs access to a playlist for every occasion. Currently, Beatsource LINK Beta is available for a 30-day free trial with rekordbox DJ software to get started. Beatsource LINK PRO and PRO+ allows LINK subscribers to stream higher-quality audio while online or download tracks to an offline storage locker of 50 to 100 tracks.

Beatsource is the premier digital music platform for DJs who specialize in performing Hip-Hop, Pop, Latin, R&B, Dance and Reggae/Dancehall music at events around the world. Launched in 2019 as a joint venture between Beatport and DJcity, Beatsource provides its customers with an online download store, a subscription product integrated with DJ software and hardware companies and an exclusive promo pool subscription tier for professional DJs.


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