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Asher Shashaty, WYNDE UP & BVLVNCE Collaborate on “Where The Wind Blows”



The collaborative efforts of Asher Shashaty, WYNDE UP, and BVLVNCE have come together to put forth a stellar new hybrid single, “Where The Wind Blows.” The track is a stimulating abundance of sound that possesses fast-moving and energetic momentum, while constructed with a slew of multi-instrumental foundations for the track. 

The triad of collaboration between the artists turned into the electronic hybrid single, “Where The Wind Blows,” instantly captivating listeners with its edgy pop-punk vocals, melodic synths, hard-hitting bass drops, and more. It is a sonic collaboration between each artist’s strengths and musical talents, showcasing everyone’s unique sound into a unique body of work. 

“Where The Wind Blows” is a single that symbolizes the collaborative ideas of three artists, coming together in a sonically harmonious way. It’s an addicting tune that emphasizes the attention that these artists each deserve, with 2022 still giving listeners a couple of months to receive more tunes. 


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