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Asher Shashaty & Dani King Drop City Tribute “LA On My Mind”



Asher Shashaty and Dani King have just released “LA On My Mind,” a track that celebrates the multicultural vibrancy of Los Angeles. The track emits an array of adoration to the famed city, while Asher’s production prowess pairs seamlessly with Dani’s emotive vocals. Over time, Dani King has developed a positive reputation as a vocalist within the electronic community and is known for her work with artists like Ace Aura and Bear Grillz. In “LA On My Mind” she demonstrates her signature vocal style, making it a truly heartfelt ode to LA.

“LA On my Mind” reflects Asher’s journey from a small town to the big city, highlighting the shared experiences that define the unique perspectives of life that come from living in Los Angeles. The accompanying video, premiering on June 21st, vividly captures LA’s spirit, and showcases beach outings, sunset hikes, and local nightlife, with the aims of offering a genuine portrayal of the city’s unique culture. Infused with elements like “west side best side,” the visual narrative complements the song’s celebration of the cities’ ability to unite people from all walks of life, and together form a powerful tribute to the city’s diverse and collective spirit.