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Armin van Buuren & Nicky Romero Celebrate Debut Collaboration with Virtual B2B Set



With clubs and parties still closed for the sake of everyone’s well-being, the music industry now must take an innovative & creative approach towards its premieres and main stage performances.

Photo Credit TomasiOmar

Celebrating the release of their first-ever collab, “I Need You To Know”, Dutch sensations, Armin Van Buuren and Nicky Romero, are embracing modern technology to launch a completely new style of virtual B2B set performance from their own respective studios. Later today from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. (CEST), the set will be streamed on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, inviting fans and avid listeners into their musical worlds.

“Nicky Romero and I have known each other for years, so it’s kind of strange that we hadn’t yet made a record together until today, even though he made an amazing remix of my track ‘Unlove You’. But the long wait made it even more fun to finally work on a track together, and I’m very happy with how the record turned out. I am also beyond excited to show you the unique back-2-back set we’ll be doing to celebrate the release of our first-ever collab and I hope it will give everyone the energy they need to hold on until we can throw actual parties again.” – Armin van Buuren

“I Need You To Know” featuring IFIMAY has been a long-anticipated debut collaboration between Armin & Nicky, providing the dance community with an all-in-one single filled with high energy, nostalgic feels, and adrenaline pumping grooves. The track is a beautiful representation of both legendary producer’s flavor, infusing their attributes into one harmonious single for the entire world to enjoy.

The single also furthers the electronic music legacy of both artists, who’ve accomplished some of the most acclaimed titles and achievements in the scene’s history. That being said, the unique virtual live stream co-hosted by Armin & Nicky Romero themselves will indefinitely be an energetic experience, and something to not miss.

“Armin and I have been close friends for a very long time but never found the right moment to collaborate. This track started months ago, just before quarantine when we were trading ideas for a remix and the original ideas just started flowing naturally. Armin has had a huge impact on me and my musical style and it’s been a lot of fun during this process. I know the fans will love it and I have the feeling this is just the first of many.” – Nicky Romero


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