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Alok, Tazi, Samuele Sartini “Seek Love (On The Beach)” ft. Amanda Wilson & YORK



ALOK has been on fire so far in 2024 with major releases, jaw dropping performances, and landmark events. Earlier this year, he released the smash single, “Deep In Your Love” together with multi-platinum hitmaker and global superstar Bebe Rexha. Now we see the Brazilian music superstar and humanitarian ALOK team up with Tazi, Samuele Sartini, Amanda Wilson and YORK. With their collaboration “Seek Love (On The Beach)” they offer us an early glimpse of summer, blending the iconic interpolation of Chris Rea’s “On The Beach” and Samuele Sartini’s “Love U Seek”

“Seek Love (On The Beach)” offers an irresistible fusion of nostalgic vibes and contemporary dance style while delivering a tantalizing blend of all the artists styles’. Amanda Wilson delivers a blissfully nostalgic vocal performance paired with ALOK’S iconic dance pop production, Tazi’s techno style, and Samuele Sartini’s groovy club sound. Together, they skillfully infuse the classic melody creating a fresh and vibrant anthem that captures the essence of summer. As the song begins, listeners are immediately captured by the infectious beat paired with the catchy lyrics. The track quickly builds up the energy into a spirited drop where listeners are entranced by the hard hitting bass. Its thumping rhythms and uplifting vocals make the new track destined to become the soundtrack to beach parties and summer adventures worldwide. “Seek Love (On The Beach)” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.