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Wankelmut Shares Top 8 Music Picks For Miami Music Week 2024



Hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, the sonic virtuoso Jacob Dilssner, better known as Wankelmut, stands tall among the elite purveyors of electronic music crafted in the heart of Germany. Originating from East Germany and now a seasoned veteran, Wankelmut catapulted into stardom in 2012 with his remix of Asaf Avidan’s “One Day / Reckoning Song,” a chart-topping sensation in eight European countries that notched up over three million records sold, awarded with plenty of Gold and Platinum Awards.

As one of Berlin’s most thrilling DJs, Wankelmut, armed with exciting news and a trove of songs and collaborations, is on the verge of yet another exhilarating year. Following the release of his latest collaboration the powerful “Carousel” with electro pop artist PLANT, the sonic virtuoso Wankelmut is showing no signs of slowing down. Later this week Wankelmut will be playing a charity gig for Cancel Cancer as part of Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival). With a man that is always busy but incredible kind and down to earth, we where fortunate enough to sit down with him and ask about his top music picks for Miami Music Week next month.

Nocturnal Times: Thank you Wankelmut for your time and for sharing your top music picks with us. Please take us through them and why you think these tracks will be heard all over Miami Music Week next month.

Wankelmut: Thank you for having me. It is my pleasure to share you some of my favorite tracks that I believe will have an impact on this years Miami Music week and hopefully the rest of the year.

1. Fred Falke “I’m In Love With You”

Really digging the productions of Fred Falke lately, who´s also one half of Ampersounds (together with DJ Zen Freeman). Incredibly well-crafted tracks that induce nostalgia but also feel super fresh. Feels like an album is coming so expect to hear Ampersounds or any of them individually a lot in 2024.

2. Wankelmut feat. Plant “Carousel” 

When we created Carousel back in 2022, we wanted to write a song that has a looping vocal you never get tired of and we succeeded! The track is perfect for main time DJ sets with a huge and powerful drop and a dramatic breakdown.

3. James Hype feat. Kim Petras “Drums”

This tune will be played lots in Miami. With a superb groove and an extremely catchy melody it is a staple in my sets. The Wh0 remix is dope as well.

4. Zerb & Sofiya Nzau “Mwaki”

After enjoying a tremendous amount of social media hype, this tune will stay around for quite a while. Very catchy and well produced and with a barrage of amazing remixes, don’t miss out on this one.

5. Chris Lake, Gotye, FISHER, Kimbra, Sante Sansone “Somebody (2024)”

Chris Lake and Fisher have been teasing their remake of the iconic Gotye tune from 2012 for almost a year now and it is finally out. Expect to hear this for the whole summer of 2024, whether you like it or not! 

6. Wankelmut (feat. EMIAH) “Just The Way I Feel”

I think “Just the Way I feel” is a very nice mixture between club and streaming, but also has a lot of commercial appeal. I feel like it´s quite versatile and can fit into many different sets and moods. Would love to hear it being played here and there at Miami Music Week.

7. Justice “Generator”

Justice is back with a banger! Even though this track is just 112 bpm it sounds like an end-of-day rave in a warehouse. Also feels like an album will be coming in 2024 and I can’t wait to drop some fresh Justice tracks in my sets.

8. T.Matthias & Alfie Cridland “Fall Again”

High octane organ house with a classy and catchy vocal on top. Sitting at 134 bpm this one is more for the hardgroove people but it definitely works. I can see this being played a lot on big festival stages.

Nocturnal Times: Thank you for these amazing picks and see you in Miami next month.

Wankelmut: Thank you for having me and wishing you a great week.