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Artists come and go but for OMM, music has always been the answer. In the face of personal loss, his love for his craft is what kept him going. As a leading figure in the NYC music and nightlife scene, OMM, producer, performer, and visionary, is a man on a mission to share his story and talent in a way that has not been done before. Combining his two loves of music and dance, the emerging artist is proud to present his new track “INSANE.”

“This record marks the commencement of OMM’s story, embarking on a profound journey that navigates through intricate emotions including personal trauma and triumphs. The record captures conflicting sentiments of wanting to break free from present reality while also having the determination to overcome challenges right where one stands.” – OMM

“INSANE” is a club record in all senses. The record is packed with energy that encapsulates the exact frequency in which OMM thrives. It takes his fans on an immersive journey through the union of rhythm and dance. Blurring the fine line between producer and performer, OMM showcases his talents as a multi-faceted artist who can do it all. “INSANE” is out now on all streaming platforms.