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Lady Bee & Mila Falls “Losing My Mind”



In the heart of Amsterdam Dance Event’s buzzing energy, Dutch DJ/producer Lady Bee and UK vocalist Mila Falls plunged into a dynamic collaboration, crafting “Losing My Mind.” It’s the second time the ladies have worked together. They first collaborated on a song called “One More Night”, back in 2022. It’s also Lady Bee’s second release on Heldeep/OH2 Records, after “Mess” back in 2019. 

“I went to Lady Bees studio during ADE, we created a track from scratch. I thought of melody and lyric ideas and we bounced ideas back and forth. We listened to lots of favorite tunes in the session to get in the mood. We were excited to work together and are really happy with what we created.”Mila Falls

“Losing My Mind” is a magnetic fusion of deep house and dance-pop. Mila, fueled by inspiration, stepped into Lady Bee’s studio, where melodies and lyrics danced in the air. Surrounded by vinyl gems during an ADE session, the duo plucked words from record titles, weaving them into the very fabric of their creation. The song, initially a UK Garage beat, underwent a compelling evolution, settling into its final form after seven renditions. “Losing My Mind” emerged not just as a collaboration but as a testament to the electrifying synergy sparked by two musical souls in creative harmony. “Losing My Mind” is out now on all streaming platforms.