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Intergalactic FM Festival Drops 2024 Line-up



From Thursday May 9 to Sunday May 12, the 10th time Intergalactic FM Festival (IFM) will be held in The Hague, the Netherlands. With around 100 DJs and live acts that are scheduled to play their fury little hearts out this is an event not to be missed. Like almost every year, PIP The Hague is the location for the festival. There is a timetable for Intergalactic FM Festival, but for maximum tension and impact it’s kept secret and is subject to change until the very last second. That will keep both the artist as well as the crowd on their toes. If you don’t want to miss your favorite DJ or live act, make sure you are there every day.

The wide musical spectrum of IFM Festival is laid out on 5 stages. Both unknown and well-known artists will play all sorts of impossible genres: from (italo)disco, all deep dark colors of synth wave, Chicago, Detroit to electro techno acid ambient hip-hop soundtracks; but above all no trance and no jungle.

IFM Festival is therefore the annual event for counter culture music lovers, who may even have been driven underground against their will by the dirty commercial algorithms of emotionless money-grabbers. Nevertheless, since the initiation of CBS in 2002, it has become a lot less lonely in outer space.

From Meet & Greet to The Sunday That Never Ends.
IFM Festival starts on Thursday May 9 at 4 p.m. with the traditional Meet & Greet. For many of the intergalactic IFM community, this is the annual “healing” pilgrimage as if your spaceship had accidentally landed in Lourdes. This first day of the festival is at the Panama Racing Club, located at PIP The Hague, with a surprising lineup.

Friday May 10 and Saturday May 11 there will be 5 areas where dozens of DJs and live acts will show off their skillsets including: Afra, Aroy Dee, Betonkust, Charlie, Cosmic Force, David Vunk, DJ Overdose, Dim Garden, Electronome, Esther Dune, Ian Martin, Intergalactic Gary,
I-F, Jannah, Korben Balas, Legowelt, Loud-E, Marsman, Nowy, Ofra, Pawel Blot, Radiation 30376, Robert Bergman, Ron Morelli, Serge, Snuffo, Slick Chick, Staatseinde, Syncom Data, Violet Poison, Yash and Zonzo.

The festival ends on Sunday May 12 in a more intimate setting and programming with plenty of room for (un)relaxed sets and exotic sounds. Cocktail bar Zahara from The Hague has filled their mobile bar with the best cocktails and is coming to us to squeeze out the last bit of good will. More information about tickets and the line-up can be found here.

On all festival days, the sets at the Panama Racing Club will be livestreamed on